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epithelantha micromeris


  Epithelantha Micromeris

Distribution: USA - Arizona (Santa Cruz and Cochise County) New Mexico (Hildago and Sandoval Co, From Sierra and Chaves to Eddy Co), western Texas. Mexico (northern Chihuahua).
Habitat: Widespread in desert grasslands and woodlands from 500 to 1800m in elevation. It grows on crevices, coarse gravel, cliffs, sedimentary (rarely igneous) substrates on hills and ridges in the Chihuahuan Desert; These cacti are normally found in small clusters because the seeds fall nearby. Also wind, rain, and wildlife help with the dispersal of seeds.

Conservation Status: Listed in CITES Appendix II

Etymology: The genus name :Epithelantha"derives from the Greek word“Epi” meaning “upon, on, at, over”; the Greek word “thele” meaning“nipple” referring to the tubercles, and “anthos ” meaning “flower”describing flower position near tubercle apex, a reference to the fact that the flowers doesn't originate between the nipple as in the genus Mammillaria.(The genus name implies: “flowers upon the tubercles”).

The species name "micromeris" means: with small parts or divisions.
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