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  Pleiospilos Simulans - Flowers smell like Coconut!

Pleiospilos simulans is a mimicry plant know as "African living rock" or “Splits rock” because it imitates split chunks of granite (especially if grown in full blazing sun and in time of drought) It resemble stones so closely that it can only be found with difficulty. It has coconut-scented yellow flowers with a white center, 2.5 inches in diameter (6 cm), sometimes in group up to 4, in late summer or early fall.

Recommended Temperature Zone:
USDA: 9b-11
Frost Tolerance: Only light frost for a short period

Sun Exposure: Bright shade

Origin: South Africa (Cape Province: Aberdeen)

Growth Habits: Clump forming succulent, leaves up to 3 inches long (8 cm)

This plant is suitable for growing indoors. Excellent for brightly lit atrium or windowsill.

All plants are shipped well packaged, healthy, free of pests & diseases.

This plant is grown with organic, pesticide-free methods.

This is a gorgeous, healthy specimen.

Requires protection from the frost.

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