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Journey into
Cactus Country

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Travels in the desert -

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There is nothing like a stay in the desert to clear your mind and make you see the extremes in this world.
In a tent, in January, you sleep in layers of clothes, 5 pairs of wool socks, two pairs (at least) of gloves
and several thick blankets. Outside the 5-gallon water jug that sits on the wooden picnic table has a 3-inch
ice "crust" that formed over night. In the morning, the sun burns brightly in the cloudless blue sky and the
warmth is so welcome. The groundsquirrels, the birds, the jackrabbits forrage about for food.
Nothing tastes as good as that first hot cup of coffee in the brisk morning air. We've named the little red ferocactus
"the Happy Barrel" because he stands out in the barren, rocky plains with his cheerful red color,
in defiance of all the bleak, harsh surroundings. He is beautiful and strong, withstanding the elements
and glowing gleefully. There is nothing as remarkable as a stay in the desert to help you understand
and get a new appreciation for everything around you.


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