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Isabella and her mother were able to eat well

as were all the other abandoned and stray animals.



Hungry and Hurt Abandoned Cats and Pets - Just a Dollar can Help!


Contributions for help with kitten milk, food and care are greatly appreciated. Even a $1 helps out.

Thank you for your kindness!


I am so grateful that these past three years we've been able to find loving homes for over 78 abandoned pets. They've gotten fed, gotten their shots and have found loving homes with caring people.

Keep up the great work - thank you for all your help!

Let's make 2017 a great year!



Well 2014 is winding down and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I am thankful to you all for your support , good wishes and care. Strays were cared for all year long and Craigslist ads helped find homes for many kittens as well as abandoned dogs and puppies. Regrettably there are still people out there who have no understanding and respect for life; There were 4 cats and 2 puppies I was unable to save.

I continue to do what I can in 2015. I am happy to say that with your help and support most of the abandoned pets, kittens, dogs, puppies have been adopted and have found loving and caring homes. Thank you! Your contributions and your purchases help toward this cause.

Thank you all!Kitten



Another year is passing and thanks to your generosity, help and caring, kittens have been rescued and found good homes,


strays have been fed, healed and loved. Stripey

People have stopped in to adopt and drop off toys and canned food. DominoeAbandoned cats have been spayed and neutered.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!!




It has been raining, overcast and very cold. I have set up an old table with plastic draped over it to act as a rainshelter for the cats. It's sad to see them wet and cold. Anything you can spare to help care for them and feed them helps! Thank you!

wet catsiamesemr fluffy


As I check on the plants in the back lot and the greenhouse, I am greeted by twinkling eyes and faces that seem to smile. The weather has been mild and the cats sun themselves on the roof, the flat stones and the steps.

Mini Mr Fluffy Siamese Baby Cactuscat

Thanksgiving was a special occasion. Scraps donated by neighbors were a wonderful treat and thanks to donations, five more cats were spayed / neutered and three litters of kittens found loving, forever-homes.


On a sad note, this cat came to die near the greenhouse. She had been poisoned by someone in the neighborhood.

left eye

She was a loving cat who was gentle around the plants and did no harm. I could not get her to a vet on time to save her. Instead of spending money on poisoning our environment - why not spend money to save it. The earth could be a paradise for us all.



little sweetieThanks to generous, kind people out there 'El Nino', now known as 'Little Sweetie' got neutered and received his shots. He is also fed and given water regularly.

catmatazzCatmatazz is still too shy and distrustful to try to trap and help; little by little he is getting more accustomed to human kindness and interaction. I know that things would not go well if I tried to get him to the vet at this point. However, he is very grateful for the food and the shelter of the gardening shed when it rains.

A neighbor has begun collecting and tossing cat excrement over the fence and onto the cacti I grow from seed. I wrote him an appeal to help curb the ferile cat situation by helping trap and neuter / spay them. No one is to blame - but everyone can do their part!

little sweetieIn my few hours of spare time I also work at homeless shelters helping single families down on their luck get back into the mainstream and to help get their dignity back, get housed and get their kids back into a good education. Yes, there are abuses, but 98% of the people I come across are truly deserving of help and a second chance.

I encourage each and everyone of you out there to do something dignified; carry it in your heart and know you've done the right thing.

Back in the day, the early pioneers came to the help of their fellow man; they helped raise barns, school the children, help the elderly. The commaraderie, the human connection and the good vibrations were better than anything material and fleeting.

The only good change in the way this world is, is the positive difference that you make...



kittenkittenkittenStarving, cold and wet, I found these little ones wandering about in the Aloe plants.

They are going to the vet for a checkup and shots. Contributions for help with milk, food and care are greatly appreciated. Even a $1 helps out.

Thank you and Happy New Year!


Thanks to awesome, generous donors in Seattle, Texas and Utah, there were bags of food and bowls purchased and more burlap bags so that the animals could have a warm, dry place to sleep in a large gardening shed. It's cold and rainy, so the cats are thankful for a safe place to curl up.

cat eating So happy to see a full plate!

cat eating

Thank you kind donors for your generosity! Muffin loved his lunch so much it was gone in no time!!

mr fluffyMr Fluffy is glad that there is a dry place and comfortable burlap bags to lie down on when it's cold and rainy outside!



Thanks to the generosity of some donors, Thanksgiving was good for the abandoned pets and strays.



Mr Gray

Mr Gray who was wounded, limped over to a food bowl. He's much better than he was a few weeks ago. You can see the scab and missing fur at his front leg. He has the most amazing light green eyes; a stunning contrast with the thick, grey fur.


Catmatazz watched at a distance, unsure of whether he was welcome. He is social with the other animals but very shy around people.

el nino

'El Nino' must have been someone's pet; he comes close and rubs himself against your leg before he sprints away. He has a very deep, striking pattern in his fur and is a sweetie.


Oranjina is very vocal when she's hungry.



Yum! Thank you for a wonderful Thanksgiving!!



October 2011 -

As I plant cacti and succulents, the neighborhood cats come to admire the plants and lie in their shade.

Sad how many of them are newly abandoned. One of them (Jade) was hurled into a dumpster and has a broken leg. One of them (Marley) was left under a geranium less than a week old, barely able to cry.

Nikita was found wounded; her mother was killed and she had to be bottle fed.

I do my best to care for them. The local Humane Society doesn't pick up and funds are no longer plentiful to care for these little guys.

Give any amount to help feed and shelter the abandoned cats. Have a heart and show your compassion.

If you are in the area and would like to adopt, please e-mail.


Thank you!



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